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There is always something new to see and discover in the Langa. This delightful hill region offers an ever-changing landscape of sweetly-sloping hillsides, romantic valleys and the fascinating geometry of the vineyards. This is a region that has to be savoured slowly: the delicious local cuisine and the world-famous wines to mention  the most renowned aspects, but not forgetting traditional craftsmanship of various kinds and the warmth of local hospitality, all of which combine to produce a relaxing and memorable stay.


The little town of Dogliani, is situated at 300 metres above sea level and grew up around the torrent stream Rea, one of the river Tanaro's tributaries. Dogliani is situated on two levels:  Dogliani Borgo on the lower, near the Rea, and Dogliani Castello on the upper level. In this way, the town has two separate historical centres, each reflecting an aspect of the town's development: Borgo with its shops and cafes and Castello with its perfectly preserved medieval atmosphere.


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